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July 7, 2008

LJ: Absolutely Corrupted

"Hello... sire."

It made me feel royal, even if he was calling me "dad". "What's on your mind?"

"I did it. I cured the Thirst."

I bolted up from my chair, nearly knocking it over. "What are you saying?"

"No more feeding four times a day... no over-powering craving filling our every waking moment... nothing controlling us, ever again. Only the sunlight stands in our way."

I warred between horrified and proud. Horrified, because such a radical change would destroy our whole way of life.

Proud, because not three months ago, he didn't even want to be one of us.

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“Thanks for choosing Suck and Slay. Would you like to try our Double-Type-Burger-Bites today?” went the speaker in a monotone staleness.

“Yeah what is that?” inquired the gentleman at the speaker.

“It’s bite sized red beef injected with two different kinds of blood types for your flavorful enjoyment.” Replied The speaker in the same staleness as before.

“What does that come with?” asked the man at the speaker.

“A medium blood beverage with a side of O-negative,” said the voice from the speaker in all vocal flatness.

“I’ll have that.” Said the man at the speaker.

“Please fly up.”

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