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May 7, 2008


And now, for something completely different...

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Goldfarb moved cautiously from cover to cover, his eyes darting about him in fear.

Through experience Goldfarb had found that by moving quickly, and changing his direction every few steps, he could dodge the majority of the flying brick-a-brack that continued to assail him.

Goldfarb's crutches were unwieldy and he was growing tired.

Dodging was becoming difficult and now, as he neared the center of the crystalline city, cover was becoming impossible to find.

Goldfarb knew that his last remaining reserves of strength were ebbing quickly away.

Somewhere nearby, music filled the air.

“Oh, I'm a lumberjack, and I'm OK.......”

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"How do you live with yourself," Barb shouted, "knowing you broke up someone's marriage?"

If she hadn't suggested she and Miles go out for ice cream one night last summer, she believed her marriage would still be in tact. On the way home they browsed at SUVs at a Hummer dealership, yet she never thought he'd buy one. Within months Miles bought trendy new clothes, sported a tattoo and started working out at the gym, where he met Brianna, a sexy personal trainer.

Barb stood in the juice bar screaming at them and wondering how she became such a cliche.

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