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April 14, 2008


When the music stops...

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Matteo and Jack were experts. They knew the trick was to walk around the chairs as close as possible without arousing suspicion from a grown up. Unlike the other kids, they kept their sneakers on. Traction helped them move faster when the music stopped, and they were good at guessing when Mrs. Clemmons would push the stereo's pause button: long-short-short-long. None of the other kids picked up on the rhythm and now, with one chair in the center of the room, one of them was poised to win.

The music stopped.

The boys leapt.

Matteo lost a tooth.

Jack cried.

Posted by: Jarrett at April 14, 2008 12:34 PM · Permalink

Gerald hated dentists, especially this one whose house he had once trashed. Four hundred bucks for a lousy filling? Bastard deserved to have his house trashed.

Today Gerald was back in the chair, this time for an emergency root canal. He might have to burn down the whole house after this.

He had his iPod cranked up to block out the sound of the drill as it screamed its way into his tooth. It also blocked out the straps being secured around his chest and legs.

But when his battery died suddenly, he noticed.

Oh yes indeed, he really noticed.

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