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April 16, 2008


Last chance diner.

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David: Two Paths

The pistol was heavy in Manny’s hoodie pocket as he entered the diner. “Last Chance Eats” read the sign above the door. He paused just inside and checked for cops like his homies in the Barrio Boys had told him. Other than the waitress behind the counter, the joint was empty.

Manny’s heart pounded. His sweaty palms slicked his grip on the pistol. It was now or never, Manny thought. Do this and he’s in. It’s the only way out. He pulled out the revolver.

The waitress looked up, unfazed. “Welcome to the Last Chance. How can I help you?”

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From The Comments: Owl Creek Observer

She finally agreed to meet me at the diner where we always ate Saturday breakfasts. It was the only way I would agree to give her what she wanted.

Since she ran off to find herself two years ago, she had called only twice, always asking for money, which I reluctantly sent. But not this time. No cash unless she agreed to meet me face to face.

I waited more than an hour and it was clear that she wasn't coming. I paid for the coffee and walked slowly to the car.

Daddy's little girl had made up her mind.

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