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March 28, 2008


You wouldn't like me when I'm angry...

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David: One Bad Muther

When I am happy, the unrelenting sun bakes the land and boils the seas.

When I am sad, torrents fall and floods threaten to wipe the stain of man from the world.

When I am frightened, the earth quakes and lightning lashes out mercilessly.

When I am aroused, hurricane winds blow and tsunamis burst from the deepest oceans.

When I am unsure, volcanoes gush forth lava and ash, burning and burying all in their path.

When I am spiteful, cyclones plow furrows across the things of nature and man.

You do not wish to see me when I am angry.

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Dave: Difficult Subject

Graham considered his visitor a moment before speaking. "Mr. Edwards, I accepted this interview because you said you wanted to learn something about my organization, about our goals and mission. I've since learned you instead intend an 'expose' of a possible 'metahuman conspiracy.' Something far from 'fair' and 'balanced,' as your organization puts it."

He paused, slowly sipping his coffee. "Mr. Edwards, I am a projective empath. I can be your best friend. Alternately, I can throw you into such depths of despair that you dive through the window behind me to your death." Graham smiled. "Do you really want to make me your enemy?"

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