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February 22, 2008


Red or white?

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LJ: A Surprising Trilogy

"Red... from an AB-positive alcoholic." It was that kind of night.

I swirled it in its glass for a moment, admiring its color. As I did, I felt my frustration anew at the lack of information the blood bank was able to provide.

I sniffed its bouquet... and was immediately glad I did.

I called the waiter back and asked, "Was this from an Italian?"

Confused, he said, "I don't know, sir. Shall I check?"

No need; it was a wild rationalization for the blood to smell this way. The truth was far simpler:

Someone was trying to kill me.

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Jim: And His Wife's Name Is Sherry

Timothy Twofeathers stared at the floor with piercing blue eyes over a hawkish nose. “You have no idea what it was like, your Honor. Growing up, I mean. I was too Anglo for the kids on the reservation and too Indian to fit in with the other boys in town. I was born a part of both cultures, and so everyone ostracized me.” Timothy sniffed and mumbled, “It’s tough being a half breed.”

Judge Owens peered over his wire-framed spectacles. “I sympathize with your situation, Timothy. But your childhood traumas don’t exactly explain why you broke a wine steward’s nose.”

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