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January 23, 2008


He couldn't care less...

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David: Tense Negotiations

“One thousand dollars.”

“For that, I can care at about a six.”

“Aw, come on. All right. Twelve hundred.”

“For twelve hundred, I’ll only care five.”

“Okay. Final offer. This is every penny I have in the world. Twelve hundred and ninety four dollars, and… thirty eight cents. I’m begging you, man. Come down to three?”

“Three?! I don’t care three for less than fifteen hundred. I can go four, though. And that’s me being generous.”

“Please. She’s my world. I could maybe squeak by with you caring three point five.”

“Sorry, buddy. For that money, I couldn’t care less.”

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Ted: Back into the Fray

He awoke without the taste of celery in his mouth. That was different. Nude, he stepped from the regen bed and crossed the deck to his armor. The recording was half over by the time he stopped to listen. The message wasn't the one he had heard fifty-seven times before.


The message started again. "You are now the commander of this unit due to Col. Brandt having reached the end of his tour. You will find your armor has been upgraded. Take a few minutes to port the specs into your datastrip."

Brandi was finally dead, that lucky bastard.

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