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November 30, 2007


Today's theme is a competition.

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This college kid was beating his chest pounding grogs at the bar. Me and another
old fart off a sheet rock job sidled onto stools. "Nobody can outchug me," the kid pontificated.
My partner says, "Put 'im down, man. You know you can."
He threw back another; I tossed a 20 over. His eyes widened. He and his pals smirked. He poured a fresh glass from a pitcher. The bartender set me up. "Glass starts on the bar, ends on the bar," the kid says.
I tipped my cap, somebody said GO! I drained it, dropped it and grinned.

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Competition is a three letter word, and you spell it W-I-N,” bellowed the coach as he began in his usual fashion. That line was enough to quiet the locker room and assemble to team around him.
“For 23 years,” continued coach. “Competition has been making winners out of my teams. For 23 years, have winners competed on that field. Who is it that they think they can compete on our field? Who is it that they think they can come to our house and deny us victory, competition. Competition is a three letter word, and you spell it W-I-N.”

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"Yellow and marigold are the same color!" I shout into Lisa's face.
"Nu uh! In my crayon box they're two colors!" She puts her hand on her hip and pouts. She waits a beat. "I win!" She squeals, thinking I didn't answer quickly enough.
"What!?" I lean toward her, almost growling.
Suddenly we burst out in unison, "Nessa!" She's our judge for these sort of things.
"Its a tie." She seems so sure. I give her a doubtful glance, she nods at me in assurance. We both pout, but shake hands.
I tally the scores up... it's a tie.

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