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November 28, 2007


Wheels within wheels ...

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David: Too Clever By Half

“Ha! You only thought I was dead.”

“Ha! I knew you were alive all along. I only wanted you to think I thought you were dead.”

“Ha! I knew that. It was all part of my clever ruse to reveal the real murderer.”

“Ha! I knew your plan the entire time. I just played along so I could reveal the real murderer.”

“Ha! You are the real murderer. That’s how I know the poison isn’t in the glass in front of you.”

No reply.

“Nothing to say to that, eh?”

“I was waiting for you to drink from my glass.”

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Ted: H + H

One little wheel spun, all by itself, seemingly alone in the universe. Along came another little wheel.

The second wheel didn't slow down, just slammed right into the first.

The two wheels fused together, becoming more than either alone.

Of course, their wedding was festooned with light and warmth, drawing others to themselves.

This big wheel spun faster, losing it's balance. It began to collide with the others. Soon, wheels were bouncing off of each other like mad.

Some of them decided to get married also, creating more light and warm feelings in their neighbors.

Then, a sun was born.

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From the Comments - By LJ

"Three more consonants, one more vowel."

The choices of B, G, M, and I were no help in deducing the phrase "CELLAR DOOR." The audience moaned a sympathetic "aww..." as it was revealed. Pat was reluctantly forced to show me and the rest of the world that I had failed to win the automobile displayed onstage.

Ten minutes later, he stopped me backstage. "Thank you," he said, smiling. "We all need someone to look down on once in a while. It makes us feel better about ourselves."

And with that, as agreed, he handed me the keys to the car.

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