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November 9, 2007


This weekend's august word is: Caesar

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David: Pizzapizza

I was walking my dog past an outdoor café one afternoon when the weirdest thing happened. A woman was eating a salad with croutons and cheese at one of the tables. Suddenly, inexplicably, her salad animated, leapt off the plate, and started oozing down the sidewalk on a Worcestershire slick.

The woman screamed, for which I couldn’t blame her. Caught up in the utter absurdity of it, I felt compelled to confront the ambulatory vegetation and stop it before it could accomplish whatever dire goals animated salad might pursue in the city.

I ordered my dog, “Caesar! Seize her Caesar!”

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Jim: Sometime During The Fall

A Germanic warrior surveyed the columns of smoke and grinned, “The sacking of Rome is nearly complete, my Lords. The roundheads are all dead or running away.”

The Chief of the Vandals looked up from scratching his name onto a marble column and nodded. “How many Cs are there in 475 A.D.?” he asked thoughtfully.

The Goth Warlord, dressed in the somber black of his people, moaned and sighed. Then he asked, “Why do you call them ‘roundheads’, Oethgar?”

“It’s a name Grimhelm the Red started using,” Oethgar explained. “He thought of it while we were looting the Caesarian section.”

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