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October 17, 2007


What do you do when the things you have to do keep you from the things you want to do?

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Michele: A Working Dinner

“I know it’s Friday, Rebecca. But I need to go to work.”
“You promised me a picnic.”
“I didn’t know then that I’d be called in.”
“Find a way to make it happen. Or else.”
“Is that an ultimatum?”
She rolled her eyes. “Sure sounds like it, genius.”
“Fine. We’ll have a picnic at my work.”
“At the cemetery??”
“Would you prefer I lose my job?”
“Yes. It’s disgusting.”

Still, she agreed to meet him, which worked out nicely.

He looked in his shed for a tarp and plastic gloves, thinking how wonderful it is when wants and needs collide.

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David: The Simple Things

“I wanted to raise flowers, or maybe farm. Something with my hands. Something that would do some good for people, you know?

“Okay, maybe getting flowers doesn’t change anyone’s life. But they look pretty, and they make you feel better.

“But my parents didn’t approve. I had responsibilities, they said. I was meant for greater things than scratching at the earth for my living.

“And then they died, so I was stuck. It was either accept the coronation or surrender our lands and people to our slave-driving and corrupt neighbors.

“That’s why I decreed every household had to keep roses.”

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Ted: Make it Pay

Susan knew she had to stop. Her dean, the other professors, hell, even some of her students, were talking about her behind her back.

After so many years of keeping it all bottled in, Susan was finally free, and she wanted to celebrate.

Thirty-five years old and she finally had her first orgasm. It woke her up inside. It made her finally enjoy sex, with her husband or anyone else. Even the coffee shop girl had noticed, and Susan had jumped at the chance.

But she was about to get fired for it. Time to write that research proposal instead.

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Jim: On A Hunch

“Did you remember to pick up my good black suit from the dry cleaners? I really need that suit for the convention next weekend.”

“Yeth, Mahth-ter.” Sigh.

“And I need to get to work on those income taxes. Are the receipts organized?”

“Yeth, Mahth-ter.” Sigh.

“Damn! Where the hell did I leave my good reading glasses? Will you go and see if they’re in the study?”

“Yeth, Mahth-ter.” Sigh.

“Look. I promise I’ll try to free up some time on Sunday to work on our project. Will you be able to secure a fresh brain before then?”

“Oh, yeth, Mahth-ter!”

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Stacy: Endure

His grunting breath sounded harshly in her ear. She kept her head turned as far away as she could to avoid the stench. He thrust against her harder, and she bit her tongue until she tasted blood to keep from crying out. He would only hurt her more if she made noise.

She let her mind wander as he continued slamming into her. How badly she wanted to dig what remained of her nails into the soft flesh of his throat, ripping and gouging until the blood gushed out.

But until she knew where Amy was she could only wait.

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