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October 2, 2007


Very smart monkey

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Jim: A Tale Of Three Monkeys

First, there was Big Monkey. Big Monkey would stomp around the jungle and beat his massive fists on his enormous drum chest. But Jungle Cat was bigger and ate Big Monkey.

Fast Monkey darted to and fro through tree branches and along the jungle floor. He was so quick that he found all the tasty fruit first. But Jungle Cat was very stealthy. Jungle Cat pounced on Fast Monkey, and then ate him.

Smart Monkey used wicked fire to scare away Jungle Cat. Then Smart Monkey used sharp sticks to kill Jungle Cat.

Smart Monkey was a very smart monkey.

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Tanya: Less Than Infinity


The monkey thought about his mama monkey, who had nursed and cared for him in the jungle so many years ago. She was lost, eaten by a leopard.


He scratched his fuzzy cheek and thought of his sisters, with whom he had cuddled and groomed in the trees, even a few months ago. He missed them to the point of despair.


So lonely in this cage, in this sterile lab, far from his own kind.


“To be, or not to be, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer…” he typed.


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Ted: Pithy

The more- than- monkey, less- than- man creature stretched his rear limbs out until his knees were totally straight. Thus secure between branches, he could lazily munch the sweet fruit in comfort while his kin tottered, swayed, and sometimes fell to the ground.

The female noticed that he had much food.

The male noticed she smelled of heat.

He threw a fruit.

She fell.

He leaped down, still with his knees straight, seeming taller to the other males.

This male, taller and better able to get food, got the female pregnant. His offspring thrived, eventually outclassing their cousins to extinction.

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From The Comments: Rick

There is no freedom quite like riding nude on a young steed.

Taylor rode him hard along the beach, pressing his strong legs against the animal's torso. Though the day was hotter than normal, both were cooled by the stiff sea spray. Taylor's ripped body glistened in the light, while his long, wavy hair tossed back and forth alongside his symmetrically-perfect face...

Cornelius looked at the strange writings and realized in an epiphany moment that he no longer liked females. He shoved the book under Zira's eyes to reveal his new preference.

"Damn you!" she screeched. "Damn you to hell!!"

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