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September 17, 2007


Today, tell us a story about a boy and his dog.

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Ted: Early Days

When Stefan Galikinoucous sent his vessel out to the black, he sent one hundred thousand people, livestock appropriate for an ark, and dogs. The dogs had been gene altered and tested to make sure they bred true for over a hundred years. The varied parentage made for a multiply intelligent and devoted dog with senses more keen than any ever seen in the wild.

The population of Sparta used them for everything from hunting, draft animals, bed warmers, even combed out the fine undercoat fur to weave into clothes. They and the humans were the only ones to survive Landfall.

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Michele - It's All Gone To The Dogs

He fed me, walked me, ran in the park with me. He gave me baths, combed my fur and comforted me. He waited for me to pounce on him after school and he wouldn't go to sleep until I got settled on the foot of his bed.

I wanted to join the other dogs, but my master - no, my best friend - was staring at me, not in an "mmmm....brains" way, but...pleading.

So I did what any best friend would do.

I nuzzled my neck up to his mouth and let him bite.

Friends in life, friends in living death.

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