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September 14, 2007


Today's theme: dead magicians.

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David: Bunk!

Randi waited on the rooftop opposite the stage door, sniper rifle in position. Decades of debunking charlatans, only to have their careers swindling a gullible public thriving, had taken their toll. The million-dollar dare had lost impact. More direct action was necessary.

Doug Henning had been first. Not all rainbows and frizzy hair now, was it? Tricking the tiger into attacking Siegfried—or was it Roy?—didn’t go quite as planned. Tonight’s target: David Blaine.

The stage door opened. Randi aimed. Blaine stepped out. Randi fired, flinching involuntarily. He looked; Blaine was gone.

Randi heard a step. He turned. “How?”

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Jim: Future Site Of Another WalMart – Opening Soon

The shriveled, old gnome magician
Peered up from a massive tome.
“Yes, this used to be Hogwart’s,” he said.
“But now there’s nobody home.

“Dumbledore was eaten by a dragon,
And so was Severus Snape.
Professor Flitwick? Pierced by a broomstick.
Now all that is left is his cape.”

One by one, he named the dead teachers,
Each killed by some gruesome fate.
“The paintings left and so did the ghosts,”
He said, rubbing his pate.

“We’re accepting no more students.
Still, I wish you well.
I’d really like to converse some more,
But I must rest for a spell.”

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