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August 21, 2007


Today's theme is complete and utter exhaustion.

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David: The Trial

The evil god Shaitan challenged a man. “Reach my temple and gain your fondest desire. Fail, and become my slave eternal.”

The man began walking.

Shaitan threw a wall of fire before him. The man walked through it and was burned.

Shaitan sent a mighty wind. The man pushed against it.

Shaitan sent torrential rain, soaking the ground to mud that sucked down the man’s feet, and lashing his face. Each step was an eternity.

Shaitan reappeared as the man neared the temple. “You impress me. You may stop; I grant your desire.”

“That’s… okay. I’ve… got it… from here.”

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Dave: Long Day, Long Night

Roger slumped into the wingback chair.  He'd been all over town searching for the vase -- including chasing Tony Marcozzi a good mile over a couple of the city's tallest hills before finding out that Tony didn't really know anything involved in the case.

He pondered staggering to the kitchen to grab a Schlitz -- but the fact was, he didn't want to do anything that involved standing, moving, or not just sitting there quietly in the parlor's twilight gloom.

The front door opened and Chrys was looming there, grocery bags in hand. "Honey?  What are you doing?  Mother is going to be here in thirty minutes!"

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