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August 17, 2007


Write a story in a subcategory/theme of yours that you haven't written in a good long while.

If you don't have subcategories or themes, just pretend that a couple of your previous stories actually are a theme and write some more about characters, settings, or situations you previously wrote on but haven't revisited lately.

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David: Of 'The Man' And 'Sticking It'

The Pope and Hitler sat against one wall of the holding cell.

“Listen,--“ Hitler began. The Pope cut him off with a glare.

“Not. Now.”

One of the shaven-headed bikers locked in with them prowled toward the Pope, who nudged Hitler. “Quick, do something. He’s one of yours.”

Hitler crossed his arms and hmphed. “Maybe I don’t feel like it.”

“Lookie here. We got a Pope. We don’t like your kind.”

“We’re not looking for trouble.”

“Confession and communion are outmoded practices, right, boys?” The other skinheads yarred agreement. He showed the Pope the back of his jacket. “Hell’s Baptists.”

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Jeff R.: Home, Briefly

"Even if I wanted to," said Jake, "I can't. I lost my magic key. I won't step through a Blue Door with no way of getting back."

"How can you lose your key?" asked Crona.

"Well, there was a battle with a fire wizard going on." answered Jake

"No, no, I mean that you cannot. Your key is in your blood, your ancestry. Having that, you could use with any key: the key to your apartment, your car, anything. Mere confidence that it will open suffices. You could carve teeth into a stick, and open a Blue Door with it."

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Jim: Life’s A Gas

Preceded by resonant honking and shining against an azure sky, an inverted V of white geese flew north.

I stopped to watch their stately progress and said, “I once read that waterfowl instinctively fly in that V formation to take advantage of air pressure differences spinning off the wingtips of the lead flyer. It’s such an excellent strategy for long migratory flight that the whole process is built into your genetic code.”

“I guess that’s one theory, Fred,” replied the green-headed duck. “But I always thought we flew like that in case the bird ahead of us decides to fart.”

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