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July 17, 2007


Who's in charge here?

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"What did you say slave?!" she exclaimed as the paddle made contact with bare skin.

"Please stop mistress. I can't take any more!" he cried out as tears streamed down his face.

"That's right bitch. Don't you dare say my name as if you're a person! You must be punished!" Every moan and tear down his face just made her smile wider as she paddled him again.

Suddenly the door swung open and two police officers came charging in. "We heard complaints about a beating in his house. Who's in charge here?"

In unison both responded, "Who do you think?"

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“Duke Scio must punish the plundering thieves in his fief,” King Canby declared. “Go, Prince Gervais, talk to Scio. Make the roads safe for trade.”

A mile from the duke’s castle, a masked robber attacked the king’s son. Fighting valiantly, the prince, an expert swordsman, overcame the highwayman and beheaded him.

Silver breastplate shining, he galloped his fiery steed under the portcullis, into the center yard of Scio’s castle. Motley peasants surrounded him, pointing and buzzing.

“You, Serf! Who’s in charge here? Where’s Duke Scio?” Gervais demanded.

Trembling, a blonde lad pointed to the head dangling from the saddle horn.

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