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July 13, 2007

Jim: Senus Fugit IV

Special Agent Clancy looked up from the manila folder. “Why do we call him the Heisenberg killer?”

“The nerds at HQ named him that,” Lt. Upton replied around a smoldering Marlboro. “From some scientist’s theory that you either know where an atomic particle is, or which way it’s heading, but you can’t know both.”

“It fits, though,” Clancy grimaced. “We know this ‘Heisenberg’ guy is heading generally east, killing as he goes. But when we deduce where he’ll strike next, he’s off killing someplace else.”

Upton stubbed out the cigarette. “Nineteen completely random murders! Dammit, Clancy, we need a lead!”

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I know this sucks as a stand-alone story but I had to open up my Senus Fugit storyline somehow. I'll try to do better next time.

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