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July 20, 2007


It's remedial day! Find a previous day in the archives that you haven't written about. Write about that.

In the unlikely event you have a perfect record, post your second-best effort on a past theme of your choice.

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David: Last Thursday

“So, you come here often?”

I looked around the hotel bar. At every booth and table sat men and women from the far edges of the biometric bell curve; towering, miniscule, corpulent, or emaciated, fabulously attractive or hideously repulsive. Each one had a device with him: worn on the head or wrist, carried in a valise, or strapped to their backs. They popped and fizzed with electricity. The air smelled of ozone and the subtle rending of the fabric of the universe.

I replied, “Sure, I attend the time traveler’s convention every year. I’m meeting myself here in five minutes.”

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Ted: Volume 1, Issue 17 Redux

The key to understanding. I could have sworn it was right here a second ago. Shit. When did I see it last? No, not then, or I wouldn't have said that and she wouldn't have started the fight. So earlier. Was it then? No. I don't think so. She wouldn't have cried like that.

Oh! Now I remember! That old key grampa gave me. It must still be tucked into that old cigar box.

Damn, this attic is dusty. Where is that trunk? Ah! Just pry, this, open. Ungh! There it is.

Crap, I don't remember it being this heavy.

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