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July 18, 2007


In the movies, things happen a certain way... the hero wins, the impossible is possible, and the bad guy never, ever gets the girl. Unless of course, the point of the movie is to reverse all that junk.

But the point is, life isn't like the movies.

The following is your first line for today:

'It worked / works in the movies...'
or 'I saw this in a movie once...'

Have fun.

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Michele: Waiting For A Tow

"I saw this in a movie once. It's ok "
"You're a moron."
"I'm getting us help."
"Do you even pay attention when you watch movies? What makes you think it's a good idea to get out of the car now?"
"I have a plan."
"Thanks, Mr. Movie Man. I'm now less scared because you have a plan."
"Let me do this. I'll be back soon with help."

Ten seconds later, a scream.

She peeked out her window and saw him laying on the ground, bloody with fresh stab wounds.

He smiled wanly. "I saw this in a movie once...."

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David: Hey, Y'all! Watch This!

“I saw this in a movie once. Hold still, dude.”

“No way, man. That’s, like, number three on the list of the last words a redneck hears before he gets horribly killed.”

“What’re one and two?”

“I think two is, ‘Naw, it ain’t loaded. See?’ and one is ‘Lurleen! I’s home early from the fact’ry!’”

“Dude, that’s wrong. You’re employing negative stereotypes for comedic effect. Such overgeneralization reveals a basic insensitivity to the plight of people who, in reality, have had to deal with lots of misery, while remaining the backbone of American agriculture and industry.”

“Whatever, man. You holding?”

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Ted: Sale Price

"You get that line from a movie?"

"Yeah, Sunshine. Worked in the movie, figured it'd work here. In case you weren't watching, it did."

"I saw. That one you eyeholed was kinda decent though. He let me go pee, after."

"Sunny, your da didna' send me after you to leave any survivors behind."

Her father wasn't going to be happy, what with her being discovered in an unlicensed pain house like that. I got ready for her play.

"You know, Da doesn't need to know where you found me, just that you did. I can make it worth your while."

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