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June 11, 2007

Stacy: Oh, You Meant...

“Martha, what on earth is this?”

“It’s the mending, Mum. Oi’ve done the master’s doublet, your hose, the children‘s nappies, the second best table linens, the downstairs draperies…”

“And what is that smell?”

“Mum, Oi’ve washed them…”

“In what, Martha, the pig trough? That stench is awful. You know the laundresses handle all the washing below stairs. Whatever possessed you?”


“But Martha, these stitches, they’re not even. There’s thread hanging loose here, this part is still rent, and that hem is uneven.”

“Oh Mum, Oi’m so sorry. Oi tried my best, Oi really did, but Oi’m a revolting sewer.”

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Of course, I love it!

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