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June 21, 2007


While you were away, something happened.

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Sealyon: Stolen from L. Cohen

while you were away,
something happened.

the flowers bloomed.
i graduated.
the dog died.
i had a terrible fight with aunt mona.
we drove to new mexico and discovered the desert.
i bought a goat, and i learned how to make cheese.
thomas had an affair.
aunt mona and i reconciled our differences.
i wrecked the car, twice.
sharon had a baby, a girl, like they’d wanted.
the flowers died.
we picked blackberries from the back pasture and ate them all before we got home.
some days, i hardly even thought of you.

i need you.
i don’t need you.

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Dave: While You Were Out

They all got quiet when I walked back in.  I looked at them.  They looked everywhere else. "What?"

"What what?" Jim finally said.

There was a lot of eye contact in that room, and little of it was with me.  "What's with the -- all the quiet and what?"

"We -- took a vote," Lana said.

I blinked.  "A vote?"

"About --"  She looked around, eyes slightly wide..

"You," Rog said.  He was the only one who didn't sound apologetic.

Well, that was coming sooner or later.  I'd hoped it would be later.  "And?"

"You lost."

I began slowly reaching for the gun in my pocket. 

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