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May 30, 2007


Select any story you've previously posted here and retell it from the other guy's perspective.

I recognize that this leaves first-time commenters out in the cold. In such cases, use your favorite book or other published work. Or go back to a previous day, write something for that, then come back here and do this.

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November 11, 2005 Volume 8, Issue 11

When I left the dance that night in ’45, I felt as though I’d never sleep again. Going off to war seemed pretty unimportant, compared to what I felt that night. Wow, could that girl… -- dance.

I could dance pretty fair myself, but when it came to love, I was young, and I was clumsy. Just before I shipped out I took her this big bouquet of flowers… by the look on her face, I thought I’d lost her right then and there. But I saw her again on my first leave, nine months later – when you came along.

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