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May 22, 2007


Tell us about the time you saved the city.

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The urgency thrummed through me as I heard the city’s psychic call for help. I knew that I could never complete my mission without perfect concentration and confidence. These people didn’t need another entertaining performance, clicking along with scripted perfection. No, they needed to be liberated from stale predictability. As I heard the opening strains, I took a deep breath. This generation would ridicule me for my act of bravery, but I hoped that our children would thank me for this gift of freedom. I cued the audio engineer to play the voice track and prepared for the mud-slinging hoe-down.

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"Look out! A giant is attacking!"

There he stood, towering over the people of the small town. His massive feet crushed cars below and knocked over buildings. Nothing could stop this menace from leveling everything he saw.

He laughed as the cars were crushed like tiny little toys, and the people scurried around like small ants running for cover.

They cried, "Is this the end of the world?! Someone save us!"

Suddenly in the distance, a call came out. "Jimmy, time to come in for supper."

And so the tiny city was saved, at least until his plate was cleared.

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"Got that one. We can sell it."

"How about Paris?"

"There's one of those in every pack. I'd just junk it."


"I figure someone at the company loves the Eiffel Tower. It's the same thing with New York City."

"OK, so which ones of these don't you want to sell or throw away?"

"I can get rid of any duplicates. Hey, not that one; that's a rare one, and I dig it."

"So, you're keeping Florence, then?"


"This has got to be the strangest set of trading cards ever."

"Whatever. Just remember to save that city."

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