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May 17, 2007


Your child asks for your help with a problem...

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Dave: A Good Night's Work

"What is it?"

"I'm scared." Sniff.

Sigh.  "Of what?"

"The dark."

"There's light from the hallway.  And I'm not going to turn on 'Lampy.'"

"There's a monster in the closet.  It's dark in there."

"There's nothing in the closet but clothes and a big mess on the floor.  Like outside the closet, too."

"Can you look?"

Growl.  "I will look.  Then I will leave.  And you will go to sleep.  Now."

Softly.  "Okay."

He rolled his eyes, slid open the door.

A short yelp, followed by the sound of grinding rocks and crunching bones.

The little girl in bed gave her new friend a big thumbs up.

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Jim: Noteworthy

He read the note again; long, white beard shaking sadly.

Dear Father, the letter began.

I’m writing this out because I didn’t know how to tell you in person. I’ve given a lot of thought to working with you in the family business.

Don’t misunderstand. I really appreciate your offer of full partnership and the benefits package is awesome!

However, I met this girl and she isn’t very keen on some of the more difficult tasks you’ve set for me. So I’ve started work in her parents’ bakery.

Twisting loaves is bound to be easier than that whole crucifixion thing.

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