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April 26, 2007


There's something wrong with the house you just bought...

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David: I Dream of Euclid

The corners go all strange at night.

I don’t think I can describe it any better than that. During the day, it’s an average, cute little faux-Victorian cottage. But when I go to bed, it’s like the house folds around me.

One night I got up to pee, and walked straight into a wall. The lights were off, but the bedroom door is a straight shot along the side of my bed. I shouldn’t have had any trouble. The next morning, I found a mark on the wall over by the closet, way on the far side of the bed.

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Dave: My House

I closed the door behind me.  I'd just left the escrow office, handed the keys, and driven straight here.

The house was mine now.  All -- just -- mine.

It was quiet, vibratingly empty.  Eyes closed, I could hear my breath echo coolly off the hardwood and plaster.

The movers would arrive in a few days, bringing my stuff from storage.  I'd need to figure out here the furniture and boxes should go. Eventually.

I opened my eyes again, looking around.  It would never be the same.  She would never live there.

It would be my house.  But it could never by my home.

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Jim: A House In The Fall

Trish had been enamored with the house beside the lake, if only from the opposite shore, since Charles first met her.

So he had no problem buying the place, practically sight unseen, when it came onto the market. And he presented it to Trish for their twentieth anniversary.

White cloth protected the furniture from the thick dust and cobwebs vied for prominence in the high rafters. “Oh, Charles,” she exclaimed. “It’s so beautiful. It just needs some paint.”

A splashing sound reverberated throughout the room and Charles began to suspect why the Usher estate had sold the house so cheaply.

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Jeff R.: There Goes the Neighborhood

After the New Vespa town council passed an ordinance specifically requiring us to move, preferably out of state but definately out of town, we found the perfect place, thirty miles away in Harper's Crossing. Huge place, plenty of clear views, and an absoute bargain price.

We found out a week after moving in just why the previous tenants were so eager to sell. It's the neighbors. Perfectly agreeable people, but their daughter Niki's a terror like no...no, like only one other.

I don't know whether to be more worried when she and Alva are fighting, or when they're working together.

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