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April 25, 2007


She was an abusive wretch, but damn she was hot...

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Ted: Her Oldest Friend

Fast forward fifteen years, and am walking in to ask the Regina to repay an old debt. She has built herself a reputation for strength, sense, and stability. Darker things were only hinted at, never spoken aloud.

Still, I wasn't ready for the woman I saw before me. The skinny little girl I saw back then had been replaced by a beautiful woman. Her hair and body both shone with health. Her eyes were hooded though. I didn't know if that was from fear of me or shame that I was the only one alive who knew what had happened.

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Jim: Ship Happens

Captain Carlisle swore under his breath when the midshipman reported yet another hull leak. “If not one thing, then another,” he murmured. “Why won’t this damnable ship hold together?”

The privateer commission hung heavy in his coat pocket as Carlisle strode to the Madelaine’s forecastle. Suddenly, a shout of “Sail Ho!” echoed down from the top rigging.

With a word, the crew began piling on canvas. One after another, sails caught the freshening winds and the Madelaine’s wake frothed into white spray.

Carlisle grinned at her speed. They’d catch the Dutch brig within hours.

If she didn’t come apart first.

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Jeff R.: Fore!

I can't think of anyone I'd have wanted by my side less than Gina Arroz, and yet there we were, back to back and encircled by a ravening horde of Zeds after our brains, armed only with a bag full of golf clubs.

Gina was my ex. She was a lot of people's exes, including at least half of the Zeds, back when they were still people. I handed her a 3-wood. She swung with bad form but plenty of follow-through, and it's not like either one of us cared when the heads sliced into the water or the woods.

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Dave: If Somewhat Hot-Tempered

"Excuse me," Roger said, politely.  He'd promised Chrys he'd behave tonight. "But I'm pretty sure we hailed this cab."

"Buzz off," the man sneered.  "You can fucking take the next one."

"Hey --" Chys started.

"And tell your Jap girlfriend to shut her --"

Roger winced, but watched the inevitable.  He was rewarded by a flash of very attractive leg, collision of stylish black pump and now-broken nose, and the man slamming back into the side of the taxi before sliding  to the ground.

Roger helped Chrys into the taxi.  He told the man, who groaned from the gutter, "And she's Chinese.  And my wife."

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