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April 16, 2007


I'm back from a two-week vacation to visit family in Texas!

So today's theme is Returning Home.

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Dave: Landmarks

Roger paced slowly up the front walk, bricks matted with leaves.  He could still see his mom at the doorway as he headed off to Basic.  He could still see Tommy Pierson on what had been a tire swing of the big oak in front, a decade before that.

His eyes flickered across landmarks and years.  Over there had been the old barn, burned down a few winters back.  Over there was where he'd buried those beer bottles.  Over there was the Hamilton place.  Over there was where he'd first kissed Sally Coe. 

And over there was where he'd found his first body.

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Jim: He Should Have Stayed With The Nymph

The Oracle had foreseen the trials he would endure once finally reaching his home in Ithaca. Because of this, Odysseus thought he was ready for them.

It was difficult to travel disguised as a beggar but Odysseus was prepared.

It was a daunting task convincing both his son and his father of his true identity but Odysseus was ready for the challenge.

He was even prepared for the battle when he killed his wife’s suitors.

In fact, the only ordeal for which he had not been ready happened when he presented his wife with twenty years worth of dirty laundry.

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Ted: In the Houses of the Holy

The Regina stood straight for the first time in years. She stared the beat cop in the eye, defiant, until I arrived.

I knew the Rex had a protege, but not that she was female. Or so young.

"You okay? The medics would like to make sure you're ok before they leave." I knew she was the Regina now, but I was not one of her subjects. And I sure as hell wasn't going to arrest her for killing the Rex.

"I'm fine, Detective. I'm ready to go."

"Miss, you won't be charged."

"Then I'm really ready. To go home."

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Jeff R.: From the Vault: The House Where I...

Memories are tricky bastards. Seeing the old town did nothing, but when I stepped outside and tasted those old tastes on the air it was almost like I was a teenager again. Thoughts and images I'd hoped never to think about again passed before me, one after another.

Laura, on the porch swing. Later that night in the back seat. Her brother's evil smirk. Her dad and his deputies, in the alley. Phil putting boot to groin and kidneys, sending the others away. The gun. The river.

I'd have sold the house for two bucks and a six-pack right then.

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