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April 13, 2007


Today is another unremarkable day (in a series of such days) that so many people turn into a big deal. To what other event have we become jaded that our ancestors found remarkable?

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Dave: Twilight

The spirit trembled, wavered.  "What is it?" Roger asked.

"The sunrise," she whispered.  "Day returns.  Darkness ends."

"We're in the basement. The ceiling light's still on, no windows, so nothing's changed. Wonders of the Atomic Age and all that."

The spirit shook her head, voice receding like mist from the valleys.  "Day comes.  That is the wonder.   Once, your people understood, lived or died by when it happened, prayed and sang hymns for the dawn.  Now -- your electricity, your cities -- none of you still understand what it truly represents."

Roger recalled of a sunrise he'd seen -- barely -- in Romania, in '44.  "Some of us do."

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Ted: Rosie on Liberty, Rosencranz Blvd, San Diego

Music flowed out of the dance club much like the whiskey flowed at the bar. The old lady could hear Setzer's group wailing away inside.

"Welcome, ma'm. No cover for you tonight. Let me or one of our wait staff know when you wish to leave and we will be pleased to escort you to your car or taxi."

The old lady, Rosemarie, smiled and entered. Eyes wide, she marveled at the lights and the acoustics. But she couldn't locate the band. They sounded wonderful and she dearly wished to ask the conductor to play "Begin the Beguine" for her.

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