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March 15, 2007


"Beware the Ides of March!" On this day in Shakespeare, Julius Ceasar had a very surprising day at the office.

Write about the middle.

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He picked up on the fourth ring. “What?”

“Hey, Jules, how goes?”

“Busy, Brutus. And you?”

“Got a minute?”

“Crap. No, I’m prepping a presentation for the board. You know they’re going to ask me again this afternoon to take the promotion.”

A pause. “How about a working lunch then, with the rest of the team? Go out for a bite, chat, talk the reorg over a salad or something.”

“Sure, whatever. I’ll meet you all out front on the steps at noon.” He hung up. Schmoozing with backstabbers like those guys was murder. Well, once he was the boss ....

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Middle Child ‘Blue’:

“Mo’om! Christen’s bothering us again!”

“Christen, come up here with momma, and leave Joey and his friends alone. They want to play bigger kid games, Honey. You want to help me fix a bottle for the baby?”

“Mommy? I wasn’t bothering Joey.”

“Honey, why don’t you just play in your room? Daddy will be home soon anyway.”

Daddy will just play with Joey, while you hold the baby, she grumbled under her breath. Then she held her breath, as long as she could. She’d get their attention, one day. One day, she’d hold her breath till she wasn’t there anymore.

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