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March 21, 2007


Let's spin the Wheel of Themes here.....putting the winamp on shuffle, coming up with a title.....today's theme is:

The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret.

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Dave: A Very Lost Art

“So what’s in there?” Roger asked. Wen Chi stiffened, then slowly set the violet-hued ceramic bell jar down on the table, carefully before turning.

“It is a secret,” he hissed. “A very large, very dark, very terrible secret.”

“You’d just as soon not let it out, I assume,” Roger replied. His voice remained calm, the automatic unwavering.

“It would be horrible,” Wen Chi said, “It would destroy many lives.”

Roger nodded. The automatic roared. The jar shattered.

The secret spread its wings to either wall. Wen Chi screamed just once as it consumed him.

"Guess so," Roger said, backing away.

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David: The Case Of The...

“You’ve got to help me, detective.” The dame batted her baby blues at me, on the verge of tears.

“You have my attention. What seems to be the problem?”

She pulled a lace handkerchief out of her clutch. “My husband died last week in a boating accident, leaving behind a sizeable fortune.”

“Go on, dollface,” I prompted.

“He kept his money in offshore banks. The account information was hidden in the frame of a painting in his office.”

“And the canvas took a walk, right?”

Blondie nodded. “His family hates me. They’d do anything to keep his fortune from me.”

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Michele: Acceptable Losses

Men will tell you the most closely held secrets if you do the right things to them.

I didn’t want to know the secret he held. I didn’t ask. In a moment of shared intimacy, in the quiet, breathless moment that comes after you share yourself and your special techniques with someone, he volunteered the information.

I held onto it for days where it formed a knot in my stomach.

If I told, I would lose him forever.

If I didn’t tell, the guilt would eat me like a disease.

I called the FBI.

And like that, he was gone.

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Jeff R.: Folk Wisdom

They say that three people can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

Not so. Ghosts are chattiest gossips you'll meet. With literally nothing better to do, they blab anything you tell them to every other ghost they know.

Vampires? No better. They're so desparate to look cool that they have to let everyone know that they've got secrets. Then, before you know it, someone goes to the grocery, buys a clove, and interrogates it out of them.

You'd think Zombies could keep a secret, just because they can't talk. But it turns out they're great at Charades.

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Tanya: Untitled

I don’t know quite when it started, but it’s been going on for at least nine years. When he balances the books, he moves part of the money to an account that doesn’t exist. Not a lot. Just enough that I finally noticed.

I’ve been here too long to tell his secret to anyone. I know too much. I’d be charged with abetting or something. And anyway, he’s a friend.

I spend sleepless nights telling myself that I should call the cops. Knowing that I won’t do it.

But I’ll bet I can convince him to give me a cut.

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Ted: She'll Never Tell

I know what I did wrong, but she won't even let me apologize. Try to make it right. Attempt to repair the breach of trust. But she won't even acknowledge that there is a problem.

Her life has been a series of disappointments in men: her dad, her brother, the litany of lovers.

Then of course, there's me.

I try to be a better man every day. I forget sometimes that she settled for me, and sometimes resents it. She thinks that her secret is hidden away where I'll never see it.

But I see it everytime she feels it.

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From The Comments: Tony

"Ima tell you secret," he declares, his wet little hands tugging at my arm. I squat beside him, and he pulls my head close. "Shh-shh-shh-shh-shh," he whispers, not understanding that secrets are, by their nature, betrayals. He is still pure and wise, aware that the best way to keep a secret is never to share it. So he shh-shhushes my ear, and when he is done he beams at me. I kiss his cool fat cheek, and he toddles away. He stops in the doorway, and turns, and smiles. "Told you a secret," he says. And I think he did.

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Jim: Jerry Knows

We could all learn a lot from Jerry.

Jerry is the ultimate connoisseur of secrets. He devoted his life to learning those things that others do not want known.

Ever wonder if there was a conspiracy to kill JFK? Jerry knows. Are you curious about what really happened at Roswell? Jerry isn’t, because he already knows.

Jerry knows who the real political power brokers are. Jerry has a grip on every secret corporate and military project.

Jerry even knows with whom your neighbor’s wife is having an affair.

We could all learn a lot from Jerry. But Jerry’s not telling.

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