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February 13, 2007


What are you hiding?

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David: Leather And Justice

I stand watch over the city, senses alert to any sign of wrongdoers doing wrong. From my high perch, I watch the people going about their normal evening’s business. They are my children, and I have sworn to protect them from threats great and small. Whether they are consciously aware of me or not, they are grateful that I’m here, standing between them and the darkness.

“Bill?” said a woman’s voice behind me. I twisted to face her, my cape swirling about me. There she stood, wearing...

…a Little Bo Peep costume?

“Oh,” she said, “Are we doing superheroes tonight?”

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Ted: Montezuma's Real Revenge

Tom seemed like a nice enough guy. He went to the office every morning, had lunch with his wife on Wednesdays, played raquetball Thursdays. You know, typical yuppie.

No one ever saw it coming.

Turns out Tom was hiding a virus he picked up in some South American hellhole.

His wife died in the middle of a wonderful bisque. The members of his raquet club dropped like flies a week later. By the end of the month, his office was virtually decimated.

All except Ramon and Lucynda in Clerical. They knew what was happening. And welcomed Tom into the fold.

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Jeff R.:Precious Moments

Randy Morris keeps the seventh of November, 1954, in a jar, hidden at the bottom of a trunk underneath his bed. He's had it since he was twelve, when he found it where his father had hidden it, in a cigar box in the crawl-space under the porch. His father bought it at a flea market for five dollars, which was a lot of money back then. The merchant paid a dime for it, from a man desparate to get rid of the worst day of his life.

I need that day. Get it for me. I don't care how.

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Jim: The Servants of Asgard

The legends foretell of many epic battles that will occur between the Gods and the Giants during Gotterdammerung, or Ragnarok in the Norse tongue.

The traitor Loki, commander of the dead, will slay Heimdall Hornblower and, in turn, be slain. Likewise, one-handed Tyr and the monstrous hound Garm will kill in each other in horrible combat.

Thor will engage Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, in a colossal struggle that will ravage the world. But to win this fight, Thor will need to use the power of the mighty hammer, Mjölnir.

So we keep the hammer hidden until Thor calls for it.

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