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January 24, 2007


Today's word is dawn.

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David: "Wells"

“Ginger or Mary Ann?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Who do you prefer?”


The proctor smiled at him. “Sir, here at Rosie Palm Dating Service, we find that people tend to idealize what they’re looking for in a mate if allowed to choose from a list of traits. Instead, our patented system uses a series of contrasting pop culture icons to build up a profile of your interests and priorities. Then we match you with someone appropriate.”

“Oh, I see. Mary Ann.”

“Bailey or Jennifer?”

Meanwhile, in the next room:

“Ready to begin, Barbara? First question: Gilligan or the Professor?”

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Jim: Sunrise In Tombstone

In the eastern sky, indigo tendrils slowly pushed at the inky backdrop of night. Stars began to disappear, succumbing to the new day’s glow.

Standing on a wooden platform, Jeb stomped away the night’s chill and surveyed the rolling majesty of the dawn. Far away, a clan of coyotes howled a plaintive counterpoint to the first halting chirps of rising songbirds.

“It’s funny that I never noticed before now just how pretty the dawn is,” Jeb sighed.

The sheriff followed Jeb’s gaze toward the pastel horizon. “It’s funny how often I hear that,” he replied and carefully tightened Jeb’s noose.

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Jeff R.:Here Comes the Sun

The sky has turned a hazy gray twilight, causing prickles across my skin. The beast inside me strains against the restraints, but they hold. I smile inside even as my face contorts in rage. It has killed- no, I have killed too many already. No more.

My thoughts fly: I remember the night it began, the pain of the bite, and then the horrific chain of nights that followed. Blood, and hunger, it all boils down to.

Hunger and blood, and now, fire. I feel it begin, and turn my face to greet the incinerating first rays of the dawn.

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Ted: Tooth and Nail

Hold on. Just a little longer.

Hands really hurting now. Arms numb. Shoulders on fire. So fucking cold..

When is it? Dawn has to be soon, right? Can't see to tell. Come. On. Guys. Help me out, here.

This was such a bad idea. Who the fuck does this shit anymore anyway?

Hey, is it getting brighter? Holy crap! Finally!

Can't beleive I agreed to this. can't believe I forgot dawn comes a little late up here in Nome.

Fucking Blue Nose Club initiation. "Spend the night in this tree. If you come down before dawn, you're out," my ass.

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Michele: Dark Thirty

This was darkness like no other; at times she would awake unsure if that was even Pete next to her.

“Don’t worry,” he’d whisper. “I’m here. The morning will come.”
She’d sob again.
“I promise. Everything will be ok in the light.”

They lay huddled in the ditch all night, waiting for daybreak. Waiting to see what kind of tragedy the darkness left for them.

“Darkest before dawn,” she whispered.
“That’s right, baby.”

They waited for dawn.

They waited.


The sounds of people going mad as they realized dawn was never coming was almost worse than the darkness itself.

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