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January 9, 2007


On this day in history in 1984, Chicago baglady Clara Peller was first seen shouting "Where's the beef?" in commercials.

Okay, wise guy. Where is the beef?

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BIG Y - Little y

What d’ya think you’re gonna do darling?

I dunno Joseph, we’ve kept the blue plate on the menu for forty-seven years. I can’t stop. And I can’t raise the price. Not without all hell breakin loose.

People love your blue plate special Ruby, but, you’re a business owner not a charity.

Sure, tell that to the seniors, still wantin’ their discount.

Maybe you could small-up the portions a little, Rube.

Oh Joseph, I’ve done that so many times. I’ve left more fat. Bought cheaper meat. Bought in bulk. Used smaller plates. Hell, past five years, you’ve been eaten yak meat.

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