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January 23, 2007


Okay, so those first two wishes didn't work out so great...

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"But I will make sure to make this one coun't I promise," I told the genie who, to my amusement, did not look like Robin Williams.

"Well I did say careful what you wish for master," he replied in accented English.

"Yes, I know that, but how the hell was I supposed to know what bloody pedants you damn genies are..." I sighed, "anal retentive pedants at that."

"I got one...I wish you would fuck off and cease to be!"

He did look rather surprised as he started to dissipate.

"Sorry mate I ran out of wishes." I sarcastically sneered.

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Too lousy to title:

“Hey, you said ‘anything’. It’s my birthday and you said ‘anything’. Stop trying to weasel out.”

“You knew that when I said ‘see the neighbor naked’ I meant Laura, our next door neighbor. Not Mrs. Hildtegarten down the street. So that wish didn’t count.”

“You also knew that when I said ‘afternoon delight’ I meant you naked in the bedroom, not some cheap pipe tobacco. I don’t smoke. That wish didn’t count either.”

“So, to avoid any further confusion, I’m going to draw you a picture, and choose my words very carefully. I - am - not - asking for a ‘blow’ job.”

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