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January 5, 2007


You wake up today and discover you have a new ability.

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Jim: Gypped

The scientists say it was some sort of ‘meteor virus’ that caused the mutations. Anyway, everyone in town who survived the genetic changes woke up the next morning with different super powers. For months afterward, the city resembled nothing more than a really bad X-Men sequel.

Things have quieted down since all the self-styled super-heroes and super-villains pretty much killed each other off. The government even lifted the quarantine after deciding that people like me are harmless – or useless - enough to reintegrate with the general population.

It seems there’s not much point in being able to talk to fish.

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Ted: A Whole New Life

Ruprecht knew that this morning his life had just changed forever.

After years of practice and training; long years studying yoga, tai chi, and judo he had finally reached his goal.

Soon, he dreamed, he would be famous. The masses would all come to him to learn his secrets. Men would offer priceless tribute to learn from him. Nations would war for fear of his newfound talent.

He could no longer be trusted by mortals.

The internet was the safest way: he needed to start a website, anonymously.

Unfortunately, someone already owned "yogamasterselfsucker.com" so he had to settle for .net.

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Jeff R.:Reading Her Mind

She's dreaming about school. I know this, and know the treatment worked. I go deeper.

She's got a bank account under her maiden name, opened years ago. She fakes it, most of the time. Not last night, though. Deeper.

She's been unfaithful, twice. One: a drunken pick-up two years ago. The other: Phil, just after the divorce, the rat. I hardly blame her. Deeper.

When she was twelve, her Uncle Jacob made her...do things. She stirs, disturbed. I mentally tell her to forget, and she calms. Interesting.

I wonder... could I make Jacob hang himself? It's not a long drive.

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