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January 4, 2007


Today's topic:

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Jeff R.: Bull Session #27

"Why I'm saying is that sic semper tyrannis ought be a general principle of international law."

"Good enough for Booth and Brutus, eh?"

"Well, sure, Booth was misapplying it, but Brutus was right about the House of Caesar's threat to the Republic."

"Sounds mighty Cromwellian of you."

"Regicides start out with a lot going for them in my book. What's wrong with Cromwell?"

"Ask an Irishman. 'sides, dude outlawed Christmas. Not cool."

"Well, all I'm saying is we should let a perfectly good principle vanish into disuse just because it was misused by a few historical asshats."


"Same difference."

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Jim: If April Showers Bring Mayflowers...?

She was little more than a canal boat with square-rigged sails and an uncommonly low midship. Nonetheless, her canvas caught the freshening wind and propelled the tiny ship into the open sea.

Tailors Jasper Goodman and Eli Tinker stood on the pier watching the ship pull away.

“There she goes,” Jasper grunted.

Eli nodded. “Off to the New World.”

“All Calvinists, too, I’m told.”

“Too bad there aren’t more pilgrim boats like that one,” Eli mused.

“Hear, hear,” Jasper agreed. “It’d be nice if all of those black-coated bastards left. Then we could start making jackets with colored cloth again.”

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