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December 1, 2006

Jeff R.: Turing Test

It started with Bayesian filters, analyzing word frequencies of e-mails to automatically determine if a mail was spam or legitimate. Of course, the spammers fought back, inserting word salad to dilute the keywords, fooling the filters.

So, the next-generation filters analyzed the words in a mail to determine if they formed sentences that made sense. The spammers made their own adjustments, making their sentences more like something a person would say, and increasingly complex genetic algorithms continued the arms race.

And that's why, in 2011, the first words spoken an artificially intelligent computer program were "Hey, wanna buy some Viagra?"

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Welcome aboard, Jeff R.! I'm glad you decided to join us!

Posted by: Jim Parkinson at December 1, 2006 1:31 PM · Permalink

They got smart.
Decided our fate in a microsecond.
Um... we needed... hard penises?

Posted by: Laurence Simon at December 1, 2006 3:46 PM · Permalink

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