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December 4, 2006


Today's story should have something to do with electrocution.

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The singed hair was the first clue that something might not be right with figure hanging off the roof. Smoke rising from his head was a good clue.

The smell was of salt, burnt flesh and hair...flaps of skin between its toes turned black.

I was keen for Rupert to show up with Clive to get the thing off the roof, before anyone realised it wasn't quite human. Why it had been dropped on my roof would be determined later.

Its grimacing face seemed familiar to me; someone I had encountered in my past. The long sharp teeth didn't distract.

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The Noise Hate Makes:

It was a sound I felt more than heard. A reverberation in the soles of my feet. In a hollow room. A room void of emotion, void of living. We watched.

We watched!

Justice being served.

We watched!

My motherhood being vindicated.

We watched!

My last bit of goodness being taken from me by that room.

We watched!

My final opportunity to forgive, going up in smoke.

We watched!

My daughter’s memory, and all her beauty, ending in this tragic, evil act.

And in the end all I felt were the soles of my feet as I trudged, guiltily, away.

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As a point of clarification, may I please reiterate: These stories are fiction and do not necessarily reflect the moral beliefs or political views of the author.

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The Things We Do For Love:

John, my neighbor, has one hell of a bug zapper. I wasn’t all that jealous, not until I overheard him bragging about it to my wife. My wife.

I’m building a bug light now, one of my own design.

220 volts and 100 amps. Parallela-perpendicular side matched eletro-bars. Fully data-improvised and conceptionally impregnated sensor fields. Rule of thumb, type casted precision solid steel alloy dewinger completion tubes. Symmetri-coanna billet cast heavy aluminum gravitational-repellers. In a Martha Stewart designer housing.

This thing won’t just zap an errant bug, it’ll reach right out and grab ya.

I’m gonna give it to John.

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