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November 15, 2006

Jim: Read The Directions Carefully

Pop stardom’s latest diva led her entourage through the mansion. “Finally!” she squealed. “I get to see where my money went!”

Dr. Bannock jogged in her wake. “It wasn’t easy,” he panted. “Frankly, some think the technology isn’t really ethical.”

“Nonsense,” the ingénue pouted.

“Hey!” Dr. Bannock grinned, rushing ahead. “I just do what you pay me to do.” He swung open the door and the starlet rushed inside.

She ran out screaming, splattered with feces and with a dozen chimpanzees screeching behind her.

That was when Dr. Bannock, cloning expert, discovered that she wanted the apex of human technology.

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Sounds like the bathroom here at the office.

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