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October 11, 2006


Look! Up in the sky! It's... What the heck is that thing?

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From the note of Jacob C Nazir:

"I was not looking at the sky above me preferring to watch where I was going as I headed towards my flat, closely clutching my dusty purchase.

I did not see the large flying being closing in my person. I suspect a few other street-dwellers were aware of its malevolent prescence.

I was oblivious until I was swept up by the giant creature and grabbed me. One claw held me round the middle as it gained height.

I fear I will write no more...may God..mercy....soul!"

Found on the drowned corpse in the desert.

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Party like its two thousand twenty seven:

Stranger even than the governments telling us all to ignore it was that mainly everyone did. Not at first of course, but over the years it’s presence in the sky became no more alarming nor remarkable than that of the moon.

When the moon disappeared however, attitudes began to change. When the international space station seemed in danger, the bickering between governments made the nuclear ambitions of North Korea and Iran look like the misunderstood bully pulling hair on the playground.

When the space station and everything else aloft fell back to earth like confetti, Prince wrote a new song.

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Nah. Not going to do it.

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Leonard couldn’t believe it. Things were finally about to change. He saw it alright, everybody did, a big, methane producing, razor back hog cast a shadow and pig dung on those it passed over. It just sprouted wings and took the flying tour of downtown Manhattan. Leonard almost kissed it he was so grateful, but it wouldn’t be kosher so he didn’t.

Now, Rebekah would marry him, he would be promoted to senior manager at the gas station and his mom would finally give him his yo-yo back. All those impossible attainments would be his now that pigs could fly.

Posted by: Eric at October 12, 2006 1:26 AM · Permalink

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