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September 28, 2006

Jim: Drake Me To Your Leader

They took me out of solitary and restarted my medications but this time the voices didn’t go away. Occasionally, though, they became quiet enough that I could hear other people speaking.

“Space aliens are landing!” screeched a haggard lady staring out the common room’s window.

“They always are, Ms. Simms,” grinned an orderly.

“It’s true!” she shrieked. “They have horrible brown bodies with green faces. And black eyes that stare into your very soul!”

“Yes, Ma’am,” the orderly agreed while gently leading her away.

I couldn’t resist looking out. But all I saw on the lawn was a green-headed duck.

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As soon as I read your title I filled with gushy suspense and anticipation! Fred, my friend Fred, Fred, Fred has come from the other side and survived the journey. Well he is institutionalized, but still...., Fred.

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