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February 7, 2006

February 7th, 2006

Perhaps you didn't notice, but the Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl XL this weekend.

The topic for today is the word bowl.

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The parking lot looks busy as I pass by. I recognize some of the cars,
and a few faces come to mind.

It’s funny to think about that group of people. I was a part of that group, that world, once. Harry and I would spend most evenings and many late nights together there.

The last night we were together was like magic. Harry was on the roll of a lifetime.
Then as the 8 pin rocked and teetered and fell, the whole place exploded into jubilation.
Only Harry wasn’t smiling. The only 300 game of his life – killed him.

Posted by: k at February 8, 2006 6:52 AM · Permalink

You know they say it's always a good thing to die doing what you love. It made sense :)

Posted by: Jade at February 8, 2006 8:57 AM · Permalink

The card showing today’s special at the company cafeteria read “Geek Salad.”

Fucking typos, I thought. Nobody takes pride in their work anymore.

I stepped up to the counter to place my order. A big bowl of salad would be good. Feta, anchovies, the whole works. Mop everything up with a hunk of pita bread.

That’s when I noticed the whacked-out dude behind the counter, biting the heads off live, squawking chickens and spitting them into a big tub of lettuce and dressing.

Huh, I thought. Not a typo after all. At least this guy takes pride in his work.

Posted by: Elisson at February 8, 2006 10:56 AM · Permalink

Larry examined the shards of the bowl. Boy, these Iranian summers are murder, he thought, retiring to the shady end of the dig site.

The bowl was dated circa 300 BCE - the Hellenistic period of Persian history, when the land had been under Greek control. It had a curious engraving: an image of the sun, transformed into some fearsome, leonine beast, feeding on the burning carcass of an archetypal Greek male. The Persians had been unimpressed with their conquerors, it would appear.

Larry shaded his eyes and glanced skyward, and was only momentarily startled when the sun snarled at him.

Posted by: G-Do at February 9, 2006 2:07 AM · Permalink

Bye bye, everybody.

I'll miss you and thanks for the good times!

- Jim -

Posted by: Jim Parkinson at February 9, 2006 9:02 AM · Permalink

I'm sad

Posted by: k at February 9, 2006 1:26 PM · Permalink

Ave Atque Vale, y'all.

Posted by: Jeff R. at February 9, 2006 5:13 PM · Permalink

Well, shit. Guess I'd better fire up the old wget now, before it all gets taken down.

And now I find myself wishing my last story hadn't been so cryptical and elliptical.

Bye, everyone.

Posted by: G-Do at February 12, 2006 10:42 AM · Permalink

Alas--marvelous, literate, edgy things cannot last forever.
Your talent and discipline have been a wonderful example to me in exploring literature and to my students in discovering what a vibrant, powerful thing creativity can and should be.
Thank you--this is what "the web" should offer up and so seldom does.

Posted by: Faustina at February 16, 2006 2:49 PM · Permalink

I waited a month before commenting, hoping someone would change their minds. Today I officially give up hope though.

The world has become a lesser place.

Posted by: Amphioxus at March 14, 2006 5:46 AM · Permalink

Hehe, Amphioxus.

I peruse the corpse myself from time-to-time hoping something will resurrect it.

Posted by: Jim Parkinson at March 14, 2006 8:28 PM · Permalink

Nice to know I'm not alone, Jim. I've been feeling guilty that I hadn't posted any stories in the few weeks preceding the demise of 100WoL. I'll keep popping back for a while, until it resurrects itself, or until I slip out of the habit.

Posted by: Amphioxus at March 29, 2006 10:14 AM · Permalink

Amp- You're more than welcome to write and record a story for my podcast.

I've asked a few people if they want to revive the 100 WOLN concept. Not much response. I'll ask one more time, and then not worry about it.

Posted by: Laurence Simon at April 11, 2006 9:04 AM · Permalink

Laurence - Where do I sign up?

Posted by: Jim Parkinson at April 11, 2006 7:47 PM · Permalink

Heck and darn it ... I KNOW I visited here this time last week, but Laurence's post didn't show up until today. Is it too late to violent wave my hand in the air while calling out, "Me! Me! Me!"?

Yeah, I know. My teachers didn't think much of it either.

Posted by: Amphioxus at April 13, 2006 11:34 AM · Permalink

Check before you post!