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February 3, 2006

February 3, 2006

Today's story should include a woman in red, a yellow truck and the word shallow

(Don't blame me, blame my dreams).

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Jim: Saying Goodbye To A Dream

Jill’s tight, crimson sweater stretched interestingly as she twisted into the passenger side of Vince’s yellow pickup. Her tanned legs caught the sunlight before she closed the door and Vince drove away.

“She’s just going out with Vince because his daddy is rich,” Bridget said, chewing a candy bar.

“I think it’s because Vince is on the football team and she wants to be popular,” Denise lisped around a mouthful of braces.

“Jill’s just a silly, shallow girl,” Dora agreed. “You’re better off without her, Bob… Bob?”

I ignored them. Fists clenched, I could only think about Vince’s wicked grin.

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