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January 24, 2006

Jim: The Verdict

The process seemed interminable but slowly, one-by-one, Josh’s appeals became exhausted.

Each new argument was meticulously proposed and then denied. And every new plea seemed to move leniency further and further away. It was as though the simple, Constitutional act of appealing his sentence only served to make each new attempt more futile.

His case was finally sent up to the ultimate authority. With logical eloquence, Josh laid out his entire defense and awaited the verdict. One way or another, the initial sentence would finally be ruled upon!

“Do as your mother says, Josh,” Dad directed. “Go clean your room!”

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I had planned a similar story. Time was up, fight for life ended. Two part injection, first to relax… second to stop….. I wept as I watched. Hell, it wasn’t even my dog.

I couldn’t pull it off.

Your story; therefore, really caught me.

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