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January 9, 2006

Jim: Taking Out The Trash

Connie points toward the hair salon’s plate glass windows. “There goes poor Tricia Patterson,” she says.

Agnes nods. “They say her husband left her for another woman months ago.”

“I’m glad he left,” Connie replies. “You know that bastard used to beat Tricia up.”

Shock and anger wash over Agnes. “Then I hope he never comes back!” she states.

Later, at home, Tricia carefully places one small, tape-wrapped package from her freezer into the week’s garbage. Last week, it was an ear. This week, it is a two inch square piece of leg.

Tricia’s husband is almost gone for good.

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A batttered child, her priest, and a box of freeser paper. My story; it was not coming together as well as your's anyway.

Starting over..

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