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December 1, 2005

Volume 8, Issue 27

Sorry for the delay in theme-ing...

Use as many four letter words as possible to describe dropping a cup of hot coffee.

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Ted: Spillage

Ted's java fell upon this deck,
Heat flow, thru shoe sole, burn.

Pain then, lava like, turn head
Worn shoe, many rips

Shit, hell, fuck, damn says Ted's eyes,
wide with pain.

Then grow fury, grow hate
unto that java pool upon said deck
Pool upon brow
Pain anew from this java lava pool
Java onto Ted's face,
into Ted's eyes
that lava burns

Hero stir:
pull away from that heat
help stay this pain
help heal this burn

Cool blot upon this fire pool
balm away Ted's fury, Ted's sear, Ted's pain

Good will oust fear, oust pain, ease

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Michele: Stumble Inn

Rise and shine! We’ve made coffee!

They want it there. I put four mugs on a tray. Milk, sugar.

Down the step. Easy...easy...step down. The tray wobbles; four mugs slide, drip java onto my arms.

Hold tray with both hands. Walk easy, down one more step...oops.

Damn. Damn. DAMN. Dumb shoes.

I fall. Mugs drop; café latte and dark roast spit and drip all over my face, arms, legs.

Holy shit that burns!

I call for help. They don’t hear.

I reach for my cell. The skin on my hand - it’s like a peel.


I faint.

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