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November 22, 2005

Ted: Born Old

That she was wearing a push up bra became evident the moment she took it off. No one's tits are really that perky. She slithered across the stage towards me and my gently swaying dollar bill.

"You know what, honey? I've got a pierced pussy that I'd love to show you in our privacy lounge."

I looked her over, easy to do now that she was down to her G. Smallish, saggy tits, stretch marks, track marks, and her makeup was actually flaking off around the wrinkles under her eyes. "How old are you sweetie?"

"I turn 25 next month."

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She was wearing a push-up bra. Not something I was proud of being so conscious of. Why did I see that first? Why not the amethyst that matched her eyes? Eyes like another's so many years ago. Eyes that sparkled with hope and anxiety. Was it because she'd been so little part of my life that I saw her as I saw other women? A woman? Her friends know her so much better than I. They're in blue and one hands her blue and white flowers. Ridiculous this "giving away." She's not mine. Her mother and I divorced years ago.

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