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November 21, 2005

Volume 8, Issue 21

You rescued the maiden from the dragon and are heading home...

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D: A Princess and a Guy Like Me

We made our way to Eldere’en, my companions and I, although we knew that the Dark Invader and his evil forces followed closely with their Death Siege. The maiden knew of weaknesses that could be exploited and the clockwork dwarf carried the plans. The young novice mourned the recent loss of the crazy old wizard and my hirsute sidekick growled quietly. Upon reaching Eldere’en though I had decided I would take the reward and leave. What good is a reward if you aren’t around to use it? Besides, attacking that siege engine wasn’t my idea of courage; more like suicide.

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Ted: Harridan Ever After

You want to go off adventuring? Take a good look at your mother first. If there is a more foul woman on Earth, I'll take her. She used to be beautiful, of fine dispostion, and could play a harp like an angel. It's true! The King cut her off after he found her covorting with a dragon, but offered me her hand if I could find and rescue her. She didn't care for the idea. As different as you are, your birth hurt her; body and mind. As you travel, remember both of your fathers and both of our fates.

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