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October 29, 2005

Volume 7, Issue 29

"It's a fuzzy hat. You want me to wear a fuzzy hat?"

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Lord North shook his head. “It’s called a bearskin, General. His Majesty’s officers wear bearskins.”

“It’s a fuzzy hat. You want me to wear a fuzzy hat?”

“The ‘fuzzy hat’ you so eloquently refer to is a part of the uniform. I would imagine that donning the uniform should be the least of your worries.”

“Let me be clear, milord. I can endure the bitter sting of being castigated by my former neighbors. I will even suffer the title of Traitor. But I will not wear a damned fuzzy hat!”

“Is it any worse than that colonial tricorne, General Arnold?”

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"It's a fuzzy hat. You want me to wear a fuzzy hat?"

"It's a raccoon-skin hat."

"So it's a fuzzy raccoon-skin hat. With eyes."

"Well, they take the raccoon and just take all the innards out to make the hat. Don't worry about the eyes, though, they're just glass beads. And besides, Davy Crockett wore one."

"I'd look ridiculous in it."

"But Mister Parker, the script says you have to wear one to play Davy Crockett. And besides, the studio has already ordered thousands of them - once this movie comes out, every kid in America is going to want one."

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